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Microsoft Excel® AddIn
LEI DB AddIn helps you finding LEI codes all around the world within Microsoft Excel®.
We use freely available data provided by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (www.gleif.org) and integrate it in our Excel Add-In.

Besides searching facilities we also offer data checks on unknown, invalid, inactive and lapsed LEIs .
We mainly focus on regulatory reporting requirements on investments by mapping ISIN and parent info to specific LEI codes.
Our AddIn is ready for the so called Level 2 (Who owns whom) data.

Customized data mapping
We also offer customized data mapping services. We can map customer data to LEIs, based on names, addresses etc. Daily LEI updates can be delivered in a customized format so it fits directly in client's systems and current proccesses. Various solutions are possible, such as a customized and secure SQL LEI Database in the cloud or push and pull data via FTP in e.g. Excel, csv or XML format.
Our custom-made searching algorithm processes 100,000s of searches a day to provide the highest LEI coverage possible.




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LEI Codes

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Check ISIN to LEI data

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LEI DB AddIn functionalities

Search, find, store, enrich, check and update

LEI Database

Get access to the full LEI Database in Excel. Search and find LEI codes by name, city, country etc.
Or use our customized data services and get your LEI data directly via SQL or FTP.

LEI Mapping

Get an insight in the LEI's direct and ultimate parent, sector (NACE) code and issued securities.
We use up-to-date open data sources to keep costs low

LEI controls

Check for invalid, unknown, inactive and lapsed LEI codes by using the Excel AddIn
Get alerted automatically about LEI record changes via our customized services

LEI code quality

Improve the quality and mapping coverage by data challenges via the Excel AddIn
Check data quality of external data vendors and improve LEI coverage


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Customized data mappings

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SQL database solutions

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